Monday, December 30, 2013

Shearling Jacket Keeping the Awesomeness

If you are searching for quality threads to round out your apparel of the day, you may want to give shearling jackets a chance. They are known among clothing mavens for good insulation and being soft to the touch, among other attributes. At the same time, though, all that quality doesn’t go cheap and some of your preferred jacket seller’s wares may fetch a couple of thousand dollars. Thus, you need to learn how to take care of that sleek jacket you just bought.
An important point in shearling jacket maintenance is to keep them away from the washer or dryer and let them air dry lest their quality fade after just one cycle. As you air dry them, avoid putting the jacket near any heat sources or flammable materials- even from direct sunlight– to ensure they will not fade.
It is also good sense to clean the jacket as soon as it gets dirty to some degree; this prevents dirt particles from embedding deep into the fabric. If you are temporarily putting it into storage when spring comes, have your coat seller clean it thoroughly of any solvents and salts, but use a sturdy hanger and keep them away from other clothes in a well-ventilated place.

Shearling jackets can never go out of style, regardless of design. However, taking care of them well can help stretch their value.

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