Saturday, April 26, 2014

Considerations When Aiming to Invest in Trendy and Comfy Fur Vest

However, certain factors should be taken into account before you decide to invest in any fur-based clothing. You may have the confidence to flaunt the exquisiteness of a well-designed fur cape, but do you really have the know-how in proper mix and match? Remember, the way you style or handle the wearing of the fur outfit could either make or break your fashion sense.

More important, quality should always be a priority to be able to enjoy such clothing for a long time, so decide on the right type of fabric, color, and length. Furthermore, you should think about whether you can manage the proper storage and cleaning of your fur-based clothing. Fortunately, increasingly more companies can provide you with reliable services for the care and repair of your fur clothing, including options for remodeling to revive its lustrous look and functionality.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why Include High Quality Fur Jackets in Your Winter Fashion Collection

A study conducted, to be filed in in the Journal of Consumer Research, revealed that non-conformity to societal dress norms can indicate status or give other people an impression that you have a greater status in society—and that you dictate your own laws. Of course, the best part about it is that fur does act as a natural and exceptional insulator, more effective in giving protection against harsh winter elements than other fabric.

So when looking for a new piece of clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable without having to force your wallet and mess up your distinctive fashion sense, the inclusion of high quality fur jackets for women in your wardrobe is worth considering. They won’t go out of fashion and can be worn in many different ways along with other exquisite accessories, so it’s truly an investment worth making.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winter Fashion Trends: Why You Should Invest in High Quality Fur Coats

Fur clothing indeed offers an exceptional sense of fashion and functionality. There’s a softness and warmth that you just can’t resist along with the fact that it makes you stand out. With the resurgence of fur in a variety of forms (e.g. scarf/shawl, cape, vest/jacket, and boots) and the booming of its industry, even men now take pride in wearing fur-based apparel.

However, keep in mind that only those perfectly handcrafted garments made from high-grade fur come with priceless benefits. So learn how to spot a genuine from a fake, a cheap imitation from a truly designer fur, and a well-crafted one rather than something that wouldn’t last for long; particularly when aiming for vintage or timeless designs. Fortunately, more and more high quality fur coats for sale are now available—some are designed and manufactured by prominent brands.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Make the Most of the Snowy Slopes in Your Durable, Swanky Ski Jackets

While many might nott enjoy the freezing cool of winter, skiers and snowboarders are thrilled by its arrival. For them, thick snow is the Holy Grail and mountain slopes are a real-life paradise. Skiing and snowboarding are sports that can be enjoyed not only by daredevils but also by typical families that want to try something new on their vacation.

The chilly atmosphere in a ski resort isn’t easy to take on with thin sweaters. You need to gear up properly to be able to fight the cold while enjoying sliding on the snowy hills. A ski jacket can perfectly match your fleece and pants to achieve a fashion that fits the sport you want to try for the next couple of weeks. An article for provides tips on how you can choose the right ski jackets for your ultimate skiing getup.

Friday, April 18, 2014

An Eye for Style and Quality: Searching for Well-Made Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are known for their timelessness and versatility. They match with virtually any type of outfit and are perfect for traveling. No wonder many men and women are into collecting the finest of leather jackets and putting them on in different occasions to showcase style and sophistication. An article for provides ideas on how you can choose the leather jacket that suits your look, style, and preferred getup.

For decades, these jackets have been a staple piece… Because of their very nature, leather jackets are not an accessory, they are a statement or a lifestyle piece. An entire outfit can be built around a single statement piece like a leather jacket, even whole wardrobes. Women will love you. Men will want to be you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Buying Real Fur Coats Begin by Understanding Its Useful Properties

The type of fur used to make real fur coats is identified by their properties. Coyote fur is dense and creamy, while that of raccoon is thick. However, the level of comfort these coats bring barely varies, making customer’s choice almost entirely based on appearance and compatibility to preferred fashion. While men tend to choose short-bristled fur coats or jackets, women look for thick long coats that stretch from the shoulders to the thighs or knees.

The search for a real fur coat should always start with searching for the right store. Reliable fur coat retailers like Day Furs offer a wide variety of men’s and women’s fur coats that you can choose from., No matter your budget, Day Furs can provide you with the fur coat of your dream.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Still In-Style: It’s Chic for Men to Wear a Shearling Coat in 2014

Still, it’s good to know that most men still think that a comfortable and stylish shearling coat is a necessity as much as having fashionable yet practical formal attire is; to the point that they wouldn’t mind visiting online retailers like Day Furs just to purchase shearlings of their own. People simply can’t go wrong with shearling – it is warm, lightweight, versatile, and extremely durable. The quality of the shearlingr itself is perhaps the only point of contention because it determines the apparel’s reliability, coziness, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Shearling is derived from lamb or sheepskin pelt, with the resulting apparel (usually) consisting of a furry interior and a leathery exterior. Much of the clothing worn in ancient Asia and Europe was made from shearling and very little has changed today in terms of how they’re made. Some people would refer to shearling jackets as “bomber jackets”; referring to the time when shearling jackets were famously worn by bomber crews and fighter pilots as protection from the icy cold temperatures of the atmosphere. Today, various styles and designs from fashion designers worldwide have made it certain that virtually anyone can wear a men’s shearling coat anywhere and at any time.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A New Year Means New Things to Look for in Women’s Coats and Jackets

Whatever kind of fur coat that you buy from a website or a retail store, fur lovers should also take cleaning and laundry considerations into account. Generally speaking, fur coats and jackets should never be hand or machine-washed because these methods will leave the individual hair strands and the skins of the coats badly-damaged. In fact, fur coats shouldn’t be exposed to moisture at all. Instead, they should be sent to a professional cleaner every year to keep them in good condition and stored with a professional furrier like Day Furs. If you are looking to buy a coat online or in person at Day Furs Carmel, Indiana shopping outlet, be sure to ask how to keep your fur looking fresh and new with proper maintenance, cleaning and storage.

These considerations should be taken very seriously, especially for women who wish their blue coats to remain the new black throughout 2014.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

With Fur Prices Rising, You’d Better Buy Preowned Fur Coats Instead

The news that furs are selling for premium dollars due to high demand could serve as a heads-up for people who intend to buy a brand-new fur coat in 2014. Perhaps they should consider purchasing preowned fur coats instead, like those being offered for sale by Day Furs, since they’re obviously less expensive, yet are of similar quality to those that were originally brand new. Consumers can also shop for certain types of fur coats that are less costly while still maintaining the same beauty and durability as the more expensive types of brand new fur garments.

Shearling lamb can also be a cost effective option and reliable enough to be worn continuously throughout the year.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Once More, with Style: On Purchasing Beautiful Preowned Fur Coats

Buyers will be glad to know that there are other benefits to purchasing preowned fur coats aside from their reduced price. For fur purists, buying used fur coats can serve as a guarantee that the items they’re obtaining are truly fur in composition; Day Furs stocks only real fur items in their catalog, ensuring the high-quality of their selection.

In acquiring beautiful used fur coats for sale, buyers should first look to the Internet for more information before making a purchase. A little knowledge allows buyers to discern differences between certain types of fur, as well as allow them to properly gauge the condition of a fur garment. If you are interested in a preowned fur, visit

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Facing Winter: Fig Out with a Dandy Fur Vest that Fits Any Occasion

When choosing fur clothing, it’s essential to consider when you want to wear it and what other article and accessories you have. Fur stoles and wraps work well with the rest of your clothes during the evening. You can choose this style when going for a formal party or celebration. To maintain elegance, fashion experts suggest you should wear a fur coat or vest with neutral color, since it fits with just about any color.

While fur clothing is best used for specific occasions, it can be your everyday rig so long as you feel comfortable in it. It’s also ideal to purchase quality fur clothing, especially if you’ll be wearing it during special occasions.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Enjoy the Winter in Style with High-Quality Fur Jackets for Women

For most people, however, it is the durability of the material that makes fur jackets so wonderful to have. Provided they receive adequate care, women’s jackets and coats made from real fur should be able to retain their beauty for many decades.

Proper handling of fur coats and jackets all starts with the right cleaning methods. For one, real fur shouldn’t be washed through conventional means (i.e. by hand, machine, or dry cleaning) because doing so will damage their quality and texture. Meanwhile, soaked or soiled furs should immediately be sent to a professional fur cleaner who will treat each fur garment with utmost caution.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stylish Winter Wear: How to Choose and Purchase Exquisite Fur Coats

Fur is a delicate material, and buyers should choose their pelts wisely for a chic and comfy fit. With so many styles of fur clothing available, however, choosing can be a difficult task, even for the fashion savvy. Luckily, trusted retailers like Day Furs provide consumers with a handpicked selection of stylish fur coats from premium brands.

No two pelts are ever the same, even if both were sourced from the same animal. Thus, each fur garment is a unique product that comes with varying levels of luster, dyeing, layers, knit work, and so on. The desirability and cost of particular fur garments depend mainly on these factors, which is why it pays to have an expert advisor assess each article of fur clothing before making a purchase.