Friday, January 31, 2014

What You should Know about Getting Fur Coats

Even while the cold season is just creeping onto rooftops, many people are already considering buying efficient fur clothing. If you want to turn your purchase into an investment however, you should first make sure that you can keep it well maintained and stored away safely so it won’t wear away when not in use.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Complete Your Winter Fashion with Fur

In its most primal, winter wear style might be as simple as looking good in as many layers of clothing as you can. Nevertheless you might find that finding stylish things to wear in the cold season isn’t as simple as you first thought. Thankfully, there’s always one thing you can always turn to for help – fur clothing.
Vogue states that fur coats and jackets are the coziest and ‘coolest’ means to staying warm. Investing in fur apparel is also an outstanding and rewarding manner of expressing unique fashion preference.
Fortunately, fur-based apparel is no longer just a sign of luxury as you can now find reasonably priced products—some of which are designed or manufactured by top brands. You can even have them repaired or remodeled/restyled, as more and more companies now provide proper fur care/cleaning, storage and repair services.
The use of fur in clothing, even in shoes and bags, is indeed becoming a hotter trend in designer fashion, so when looking for a new piece of clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable without having to force your wallet and mess up your distinctive fashion sense, the inclusion of high quality fur jackets for women in your wardrobe is worth considering.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Beauty and Utility: The Best Traits of Fur Coats

Practical people believe that an item’s functionality shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of style. That’s a rough description of the appeal of fur coats. Protecting yourself from the cold weather doesn’t have to mean layering up with unflattering garments that would make you look like a bulky and unsightly wrapped dish. Fur coats are not just trendy but also beneficial in terms of comfort and protection.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Make the Most out of Ski Jackets

While many don’t enjoy the freezing chill of the winter season, skiers and snowboarders are thrilled by its arrival. 
That said, the chilly atmosphere in a ski resort isn’t easy to take on with your thin sweaters,so you need to gear up properly to be able to fight the cold while enjoying a slide down snowy hills. A bona fide ski jacket can perfectly match your fleece and pants to achieve a fashion that fits the sport you want to try for the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Travel in Style by Sporting Leather Jackets

Nothing speaks “rebel” more than a guy clad in a leather jacket riding a Harley. However, the fashion statement is more than just for looks: Leather jackets are known of their timelessness and versatility. They match with virtually any type of outfit and are perfect for traveling. No wonder many men and women are still into collecting the finest leather jackets and putting them on in different occasions to showcase style and sophistication.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Inspecting Fur Coats before Purchase

Fur coats make you look fashionable while protecting you from the cold weather. When purchasing fur coats, there are two things that you have to bear in mind: The quality of the fur and the construction of the jacket.

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Good Shearling Jacket Will Keep You Warm

The entire country is currently experiencing an intense winter temperature-wise. The polar vortex has brought temperature drops to new lows on a lot of states.
As temperatures continue to drop this winter season, people are turning up their thermostats in an attempt to stay warm. However, everyone still needs to leave their homes for various reasons ranging from work to school. This exposes them to the bone-chilling cold outside and puts their health at risk.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On Getting a Ski Coat for the Active Woman

A great deal of people find the snowy mountains a great place to have fun. That’s why a lot of Americans have their own set of skiing equipment that they bring along with them to the mountains. If you want to give a special ski-loving woman a nice surprise, a warm skiing coat is a great gift to give.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pre-Owned Fur that Doesn’t Go out of Style

Technology seems to be moving at a much different pace than fashion – your iPhone 5 will be outdated once a newer model comes along, perhaps this year or the next. However, in the world of clothing and style, people are opting more and more for vintage and classic looks. The trusty fur coat for one, never seems to go out of style.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Should You Own Pre-Owned Fur?

Fur coats are perfect for battling the cold weather without having to stay inside your house the entire time. However, do you really need to buy brand new coats every year? Here are some reasons why you might find it efficient to buy pre-owned fur instead:

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vogue Winter: Picking the Right Fur Vest

Winter greatly affects people's activities, including their daily routine and fashion. For many, the cold season is an enemy to take on seriously. However, just because you expect to be in constant battle with the cold doesn't mean you can't fight with style. One way to preserve your elegance in winter is to wear your treasured fur vest.

In choosing a fur vest, there are several things you need to consider to make sure you'll pick one that fits your style and look. It should complement your getup and, at the same time, maintain its primary purpose of keeping you snug. Choose a fur vest that suits your gender and personality. Women's fur vests normally have long pelage, while men's fur vests have shorter.

Due to timeless demand for fur vests, more and more manufacturers are emerging, eventually making it harder for fur vest buffs to choose one they like best. It's easier to pick a brand or manufacturing company if you know how to distinguish good-quality products from inferior ones. Quality fur vests normally have firmer fabric that does not have any seams.

A fur vest should provide enough warmth for your body, which is actually the reason why you’re buying one in the first place. Try on that target vest, to know if the item you’re planning to buy warms you enough in the current climate, especially if you’ll be using it in an outdoor occasion.

Do You Know What Your Fur Jacket is Made of?

Fur jackets and coats remain one of the trendiest and most practical outerwear for those who want to brave the winter cold in style. While they more or less provide the same level of comfort during those snowy winter months, many people prefer fur clothes that are made from specific materials. There may be some sense to this since the furs of some animals are adapted to their lifestyle and habitat. In essence, coats derived from, say, snow foxes are particularly useful at staving off the cold.

Mink fur is arguably the most popular due to its soft and dense hairs that make it quite comfortable on the skin. Coats derived from female minks are usually softer and smaller than those made from males, which are usually more rugged-looking. It is tied with fox fur, which is somewhat similar to it aside from incorporating lighter colors like gray and white. Rabbit fur is not as durable as the others, but it is usually the most affordable.

Lamb fur probably has the greatest variety and is perhaps the most difficult to properly identify. Depending on where it was harvested, a jacket made from lamb fur may be curly, sleek, flat, wavy, or heavy. Russian variants (a.k.a. broadtails) are lightweight and have a fine fabric, while Mouton lamb pelts are thick and soft. Shearling is a special type of lamb fur which has leathery side that is worn outwards and the furry side worn within.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Furry Friend: Taking Care of Fur Clothing

Fur clothes are one of the most comfortable garments one can wear. Yet for all their beauty and coziness, fur is one of the most difficult materials to take good care of. With proper and constant maintenance, however, fur can last for years.

As fur is made from the pelt of animals, it should be treated similarly to leather, as excessive exposure to the sun, heat, and moisture can ruin the material. Humidity can also take its toll upon the delicate garment, so owners should be extra careful when storing their furs. Preferably, fur clothes need to be kept in a spot with as little moisture, light, and warmth as possible in order to preserve its quality.

Maintaining fur isn’t limited to storage, as owners should also take good care of their furs even as they wear them. Fur is vulnerable to abrasion, so wearers should avoid sitting on them, as well as using accessories such as bracelets, shoulder bags, or brooches, that could snag on the linings of the fur. Fur is also sensitive to odors, and should be kept away from perfume as much as possible. Additionally, fragrances might have chemicals that can damage the material’s lining, so wearers should be cautious when using scents together with their furs.

A Beginner's Guide to a Great Ski Outfit

Skiing is an exciting winter sport people from all walks of life can engage in. However, those who are new to skiing must take heed of the right ski outfit to keep themselves safe and warm on the slopes. Safety and warmth are two things ski newbies have to think about first before they can practice how to control their skis and maintain their balance.

A ski jacket is an essential component of the ideal ski outfit, and similar to a winter jacket, a ski jacket is made from underlying fabric—like wool and fleece—that is specifically intended to retain heat and resist moisture. Thanks to various style innovations over the years, ski jackets no longer look dull and drab. Some stores even sell ski jackets online for buyers' convenience, which is ideal for those who don't have time to personally head to ski wear shops.

Another critical element of a great ski attire is a good pair of snow boots. Snow boots are not only useful when skiing down slopes as they also enable people to trudge through the snow easily. A great pair of snow boots keeps feet warm even when buried underneath several inches of snow.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Man’s Guide to Buying a Leather Jacket

The leather jacket definitely has a magic of its own. There is a certain air of rugged allure when a man wearing a well-chosen jacket is strutting downtown. The magic of a good leather jacket is unexplainably amazing.
However, some men are naturally clueless when it comes to their choice of clothing, so the innumerable number of leather jackets out there in the market may confuse him and cause him to buy a jacket that isn’t complementary to his body figure. To avoid that horrible instance from happening, here are a few pointers that men should remember when buying their first leather jacket:
The Color Matters
A leather jacket is great in such a way that it can complement different kinds of clothing articles. A brown jacket and a yellow shirt do not usually work, however. A man should choose a black-colored jacket if his wardrobe has a lot of bright colors, while brown jackets suit earth-toned shirts more.
Body Type
There are different types of jackets out there on the market that can complement different body types, so it pays to know which ones can boost one’s body the best. A little bit of research on different jacket types never hurt anybody.
Jacket Fabric

This criterion is dependent on the buyer’s planned use of the jacket. If the leather jacket is planned to be used outdoors, a cowhide jacket is more viable. Lambskin leather is more suitable for a professional ensemble.

Getting Ready for Winter Action with Fur Coats

Freezing temperatures are once again prevalent in cities like New York and Chicago, and this means that people will have to protect themselves from the cold through winter clothing. At times, however, even layers and layers of sweaters and vests are not enough to provide the warmth that people need. A good alternative then is to purchase fur coats from online stores or retail shops.

Not all fur coats are one and the same though, and women have to carefully choose a fur coat style that suits them; otherwise, they will look like they are trying too hard. In addition, fur coats are considered an investment because of their price tag, so women will have to consider each option carefully in order for their selected fur coat to last them a lifetime. Women also have to decide whether they want a fur coat to draw out their elegant style or make them look more casual.

Out of all the styles of fur coats, mink fur coats are perhaps the ones which evoke true elegance. These fur coats can be waist-length or knee-length and they serve as great accompaniments to evening gowns. Meanwhile, if women desire a laidback style, they can go for rabbit fur coats, which come with affordable price tags for their convenience.