Friday, January 17, 2014

A Good Shearling Jacket Will Keep You Warm

The entire country is currently experiencing an intense winter temperature-wise. The polar vortex has brought temperature drops to new lows on a lot of states.
As temperatures continue to drop this winter season, people are turning up their thermostats in an attempt to stay warm. However, everyone still needs to leave their homes for various reasons ranging from work to school. This exposes them to the bone-chilling cold outside and puts their health at risk.

Fortunately, people can stay warm outside by wearing a toasty shearling coat. Made of sheepskin, shearling coats are known for their incredible insulation ability. In fact, coat manufacturers claim that only a handful of other materials are better at keeping a person warm than shearling.

Shearling coats are also known for their water resistant properties. According to experts, each wool fiber can absorb moisture of up to 30 percent of the fiber’s weight without getting damp. When rain or snow falls on a shearling coat, a good, light shake is all it takes to “dry” the coat.

Although shearling is slightly more expensive than standard leather or fabric coats and jackets, a high-quality shearling jacket can last for decades. With its incredible durability, a shearling jacket easily pays for itself and lets you save hundreds of dollars down the road.

Just because snow is blanketing Minnesota doesn’t mean that you have to let it blanket you as well. Stay warm and comfortable with a shearling coat or jacket this winter season.

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