Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do You Know What Your Fur Jacket is Made of?

Fur jackets and coats remain one of the trendiest and most practical outerwear for those who want to brave the winter cold in style. While they more or less provide the same level of comfort during those snowy winter months, many people prefer fur clothes that are made from specific materials. There may be some sense to this since the furs of some animals are adapted to their lifestyle and habitat. In essence, coats derived from, say, snow foxes are particularly useful at staving off the cold.

Mink fur is arguably the most popular due to its soft and dense hairs that make it quite comfortable on the skin. Coats derived from female minks are usually softer and smaller than those made from males, which are usually more rugged-looking. It is tied with fox fur, which is somewhat similar to it aside from incorporating lighter colors like gray and white. Rabbit fur is not as durable as the others, but it is usually the most affordable.

Lamb fur probably has the greatest variety and is perhaps the most difficult to properly identify. Depending on where it was harvested, a jacket made from lamb fur may be curly, sleek, flat, wavy, or heavy. Russian variants (a.k.a. broadtails) are lightweight and have a fine fabric, while Mouton lamb pelts are thick and soft. Shearling is a special type of lamb fur which has leathery side that is worn outwards and the furry side worn within.

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