Monday, January 13, 2014

Pre-Owned Fur that Doesn’t Go out of Style

Technology seems to be moving at a much different pace than fashion – your iPhone 5 will be outdated once a newer model comes along, perhaps this year or the next. However, in the world of clothing and style, people are opting more and more for vintage and classic looks. The trusty fur coat for one, never seems to go out of style.

What is it that attracts people to clothes from another era? In earlier decades, clothes were often sewn by hand, giving them a superior quality to the mass-manufactured t-shirts and jeans displayed in department stores today.

Moreover, since production was limited, clothes were either custom-tailored or made in small batches, making vintage clothing very rare and distinctive nowadays (and therefore a favorite for red-carpet events—imagine if two celebrities wore the same gown). Aside from this, vintage clothing also impart a sense of history; they’re a part of someone’s life being handed down to you.

Of course, not all vintage purchases have to be million-dollar splurges. If you’ve always wanted to own a classic fur coat, why not purchase pre-owned fur coats instead? With proper care and regular maintenance, even coats more than 20 years old can still look as good as new—and they won’t cost you a fortune.

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