Monday, January 20, 2014

Inspecting Fur Coats before Purchase

Fur coats make you look fashionable while protecting you from the cold weather. When purchasing fur coats, there are two things that you have to bear in mind: The quality of the fur and the construction of the jacket.

A keen look of the fur

Fur coats can be made using the pelts of different animals. As you inspect the entire coat, check if any of the pelts don’t match in color, or whether they have the same hair length. If you’re comparing two coats and are having trouble deciding which one is the best pick, experts suggest that you do a side by side comparison.

Ideally, you should compare coats that have the same fur type but are priced differently. Think you are not good enough in comparing stuff? Let the sales person explain to you how exactly these coats differ from one another. If you’re buying online, ask about the store’s return policy and if they offer refunds. This will make your online shopping practically stress-free

How was the jacket constructed?

A well-made jacket should have straight seams. Check if there is an even transition at the seams where two pelts are joined. You should also spot for prominent cuts through the middle of a pelt as this suggests poor quality. If the fur has natural striping down the center of the pelts, it should have the same color and width from pelt to pelt.

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