Monday, January 6, 2014

Furry Friend: Taking Care of Fur Clothing

Fur clothes are one of the most comfortable garments one can wear. Yet for all their beauty and coziness, fur is one of the most difficult materials to take good care of. With proper and constant maintenance, however, fur can last for years.

As fur is made from the pelt of animals, it should be treated similarly to leather, as excessive exposure to the sun, heat, and moisture can ruin the material. Humidity can also take its toll upon the delicate garment, so owners should be extra careful when storing their furs. Preferably, fur clothes need to be kept in a spot with as little moisture, light, and warmth as possible in order to preserve its quality.

Maintaining fur isn’t limited to storage, as owners should also take good care of their furs even as they wear them. Fur is vulnerable to abrasion, so wearers should avoid sitting on them, as well as using accessories such as bracelets, shoulder bags, or brooches, that could snag on the linings of the fur. Fur is also sensitive to odors, and should be kept away from perfume as much as possible. Additionally, fragrances might have chemicals that can damage the material’s lining, so wearers should be cautious when using scents together with their furs.

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