Monday, April 14, 2014

Still In-Style: It’s Chic for Men to Wear a Shearling Coat in 2014

Still, it’s good to know that most men still think that a comfortable and stylish shearling coat is a necessity as much as having fashionable yet practical formal attire is; to the point that they wouldn’t mind visiting online retailers like Day Furs just to purchase shearlings of their own. People simply can’t go wrong with shearling – it is warm, lightweight, versatile, and extremely durable. The quality of the shearlingr itself is perhaps the only point of contention because it determines the apparel’s reliability, coziness, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Shearling is derived from lamb or sheepskin pelt, with the resulting apparel (usually) consisting of a furry interior and a leathery exterior. Much of the clothing worn in ancient Asia and Europe was made from shearling and very little has changed today in terms of how they’re made. Some people would refer to shearling jackets as “bomber jackets”; referring to the time when shearling jackets were famously worn by bomber crews and fighter pilots as protection from the icy cold temperatures of the atmosphere. Today, various styles and designs from fashion designers worldwide have made it certain that virtually anyone can wear a men’s shearling coat anywhere and at any time.

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