Friday, November 8, 2013

Classic Bikers' Fashion: The Leather Jacket

John Travolta and Olivia Newton John schooled us all on how to make leather jackets look cool in Grease. The fascination for this apparel, however, can not exclusively be attributed to the T-Birds. Bikers, in particular, have consistently been stereotyped as jacket-leather donning folks, paired up with a pair of mean cowboy boots and bandanas. It's not the most comfortable piece, though, so it does beg a lot of curiosity why a lot of people still prefer to wear this.

Some veteran riders say that leather jackets are highly versatile pieces of outer apparel. They state that leather’s thick composition allows the rider to withstand various environmental conditions out on the road. For instance, the material protects the riders’ skin from being singed by UV radiation during daylight and to prevent soaking the upper body from water during downpours.

The leather jacket may serve as an effective armor as well from small, flying debris that the bike rider is usually exposed to on the road. Most importantly, in the unfortunate event that they skid off the road, a biker wearing leather jacket can minimize scratches and bruises, thanks to the material absorbing the friction.

For these reasons alone, it should now be settled why leather jackets are actually an integral part in the bikers' wardrobe, not only because it fits the stereotype, but because they really do need an apparel like it. 

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