Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Types of Outdoor Coats For Everyone

Even though they’ve been around for hundreds of years, coats derived from animals remain to be a classic, stylish outerwear worn by both men and women. Much have changed since then as far as the creation of these coats are concerned. Fur coats, in particular, can either be made from genuine or synthetic materials, otherwise known as faux fur. Generally speaking, outerwear such as these can still be classified based on the material they’re made from.

Wool or wool blend coats are mostly derived from sheep or lamb fleece, although they can also be made from other materials, like camel hair. Because of this variety in materials, wool blend coats can be coarse or soft to the touch, sometimes both. Cashmere blend coats are roughly the same as wool coats, but they are much more durable. Fleece coats, meanwhile, are universally soft and lightweight. They also have a certain degree of insulation, which makes them a popular outerwear for avid outdoorsy people.

For those who don’t mind the additional bulkiness, the traditional fur coat would suit them as it gives even greater insulation while being stylish at the same time. Shearlingcoats, in particular, have a very smooth texture that make them comfortable to the skin. Faux fur coats are more affordable and mimic the appearance of real fur, although not so much in terms of texture and comfort.

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