Monday, November 4, 2013

Furred Friends: On Fur Coat Care and Upkeep

Fur is one of the most exquisite textiles in the world, and it’s largely because of the style the fabric exudes. It helps that fur makes for an extremely breathable piece of clothing, and is very soft to the touch. However, as fur is made from the hide of animals, it’s usually even more vulnerable to wear and tear versus other clothing materials.

Naturally, those who own fur coats should learn how to properly take care of them. From the way they’re hung to how they should be worn, there are specific guidelines on how to take good care of a fur coat. Proper treatment can extend the life of a fur coat, as well as maintain its beauty and appeal for the wearer. Well-preserved furs can even have a higher resale value, considering that vintage pieces are much sought after.

Because of its special quality, owners of fur coats should be extra careful when it comes to their cleaning and storage. Being exquisitely delicate material, furs should not be stained, and owners are advised to leave the cleaning only to trained experts. Also, fur should be kept in a closet with proper air circulation so that the hide doesn't crack with dryness. Preferably, it must be kept out of direct sunlight, too, to prevent discoloration. Some advice guides recommend homeowners to hang their fur coats in cool and dark closets, to protect the quality of the fur.

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