Wednesday, November 6, 2013

“Skin Care”: Tips for Cleaning Shearling Jackets

Shearling jackets may be stylish and durable, but they’re not completely impervious to dirt, grime, moisture, and the like. Unlike ordinary clothes, these jackets require special treatment for cleaning and maintenance since they’re made from sheepskin. Liquid stains, for instance, tend to stick to the fabric and so must be removed slowly with a small damp cloth. Harder stains require the application of a corn starch mixture to dissolve them.

If the jacket gets drenched, excess water must first be shaken off before being hungit out to dry. Rubbing a wet shearling jacket is strongly discouraged, because this will force the water to seep deeper into the skin. Dry-cleaning may also be a bad idea because the treatment can remove the natural oils of the garment which give its distinctive texture and scent. Hand or machine-washing should only be considered if the jacket’s label says it’s safe to do so.

As for storage, shearling jackets are best kept in room temperature so that the integrity of their garments are preserved. If possible, they should be kept away from direct sources of heat such as heaters, blow-dryers, and even some kinds of lamps. For traveling purposes, shearling jackets shouldn’t be stored in plastic or vinyl bags because these materials don’t allow the garment to breathe.

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