Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trendy Ski Jackets For The Slopes

As part of the American culture, a lot of Americans enjoy going down the slopes of a snowy mountain with a pair of skis or a big snowboard. Once a means of transportation, it has developed into a sport that is now covered by the Winter Olympics.

Along with the fun and physical activity that comes with skiing is the gear and clothing that people wear specifically for the sport. Ski clothes have become as interesting as the activity itself, and a lot of skiers have taken close attention to their looks when they ski.

The ever-changing trends in ski wear show just how important looks are in skiing. Here are some of the trends that are making people excited once more about updating their ski wear:

  1. The return of color. There was a time when ski resorts were dominated by a sea of black and white. Today, brighter colors dot the pristine white hills, representing energy and action. Aside from that, it helps in avoiding collisions as the colorful jackets are effective warning signs for other people.
  2. Technological upgrade. Ski wear technology is also improving. Bulkier items may not necessarily mean better protection and comfort, after all. Now, most ski jackets are designed to be lighter, while at the same time stronger and more effective in protecting against harsher environment conditions.
  3. Fur is back. Fur is always appealing; not only is it functional, it is also aesthetically pleasing. 

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