Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fur Coats 101: Cleaning

Fur coats are great articles of clothing: they look great, they age well if well-maintained, and they keep the wearer warm on cold winter days. If worn properly, men and women alike can look classy with the right fur coat.

Like all items, however, fur coats can gather dust and become dirty when kept in storage for an extra long period of time. A dirty fur coat is an unattractive fur coat, so cleaning has to be done in order to get the coat back to its pristine condition.

Here are some of the things one has to consider whencleaning fur coats:
  1. Determine the type of fur. Determining the type of fur the coat has is helpful in the cleaning process. Different kinds of furs have different peculiarities that the owner has to be aware of, or she might risk ruining the coat.
  2. Be careful with liquids. If a fur solution is to be applied to the coat, spray it evenly, with one spray per area. Do not soak the fur. If the coat gets wet after getting exposed to the outside, shake the coat out and hang it in a cool, dry space away from the sunlight.
  3. Trust the professionals, and have it cleaned annually. Furriers have extensive experience with different kinds of fur coats, and they know what appropriate actions are to be done. Make sure that the coat gets cleaned at least once a year, be it DIY or professional work.

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